Easy Winter Emergency Kit

Whether you’re driving in a commercial truck or personal vehicle, are you ready for a BIG winter storm?

Every winter there seems to be a massive storm, that catches us all by surprise, closing highways and leaving motorists stranded. Many of us have some supplies in our vehicles such as booster cables and windshield washer fluid, but what about the necessities for us to survive should we become stranded in our cars or trucks for more than a few hours?

Consider making a Winter Emergency Kit by keeping the following items in your vehicle:  

  • Food that won’t spoil, such as energy bars or nuts

  • Water—plastic bottles that won’t break if the water freezes (replace them every six months)

  • Blanket(s)

  • Toque, scarf and mitts

  • Extra clothing and boots

  • First aid kit 

  • Small shovel, scraper and snowbrush 

  • Candle in a deep can and matches 

  • Wind-up flashlight

  • Whistle—in case you need to attract attention 

Putting together a basic winter emergency kit is quick and simple and can be easily stored in a waterproof tub or bag so it will be ready for you whenever you need it. It’s a good idea to check your car emergency kit at the beginning of every winter season and make sure everything is in good working order. Replace any items that show signs of wear or food items that are expired, and be sure to replace any items that are used in an emergency right away, so that they’ll be there should you need them again.

Having an emergency kit in your vehicle is just another way to safely go the distance!


Shiloh Schmidt
Corporate Health and Safety


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