Customer Testimonials

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“Once I tell Challenger what I need, they book shipments,make confirmations and make appointments. They do everything. I have no worries and no stress at all. One time they drove miles out of their way because there was a road closed and they were trying to get my shipment in. When Challenger says they go the distance, they go the distance.”

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“Since 2000, Challenger has been providing dedicated inbound and outbound temperature controlled services. As a valued partner, they have always focused on delivering a high level of service while enhancing areas of safety and compliance. Challenger is a leader in the transportation industry and committed to offering sustainable and reliable supply chain solutions.”

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“Challenger is the gold standard of trucking and logistics companies. In our business, proper storage and on-time delivery is critical. Challenger has never let us down in 12 years. Never. There are many times when we’ll get an order from a particular customer and they’ll want it that day or that afternoon. Challenger is almost always available to get that over to them when they want it. We wouldn’t get that with any other trucking companies; I know we wouldn’t.”

Doug Cowan , National Standard
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“As one of my top carriers over the past 12 years, Challenger has proven to be professional and innovative. They are a company that responds well to the challenges in the industry, including turnover, green initiatives and safety. Challenger is large enough so that in this just-in-time business, they have the capacity, analysis and reporting capabilities, and have been helpful in getting my deliveries out when I need them.”

Tony Fernandez , Kellogg