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Specialized transportation options and services

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We do whatever it takes to get the job done right, even if it goes beyond our most frequently used equipment. With one of the best safety records in North America, we get your freight at its destination safe, on time and damage-free.
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Our North American specialized transport services provide you with:

  • Expertise in Flat Bed, Step Deck, Heavy Hauling, Wind Turbine, Over-dimensional and Cargo Transportation
  • Fully computerized satellite tracking access to top-rated rail, air and ocean lines
  • Comprehensive pre-planning, routing and viability research
  • Asset-based fleet for immediate use
  • Door-to-door service including customs, site management and port coordination
  • Team Driving
  • Crane and rigging service
  • Complete route surveys, feasibility studies, site assessment and method statements
  • Project management

We’ve mastered delivering over-sized and over dimensional cargo worldwide. We research and pre-plan each over-sized cargo and heavy haul shipment to account for:

  • Time constraints
  • Topography
  • Weather
  • Political climate and more

We have become specialists at over-sized transportation and have acquired state-of-the art equipment, industry knowledge and a specialized workforce. We research and pre-plan each heavy haul shipment. We also provide Movement Process Plans (MPP) to satisfy all the requirements of any jurisdiction. Our team also develops route surveys, viability assessments and shipping models including possible global vessel and aircraft charters. We execute the movement of over-sized cargo or heavy lift using our crane and rigging services while providing a turnkey freight logistics solution from ‘site to site’.

A proven track-record transporting energy and wind turbine components

  • Site management/logistics
  • Shuttle service
  • Port and stevedoring coordination
  • Crane and rigging service plus coordination
  • Real-time satellite tracking 24/7
  • Comprehensive configurations including Double Schnable, Schnable Dolly, Beam Dolly, Flat Deck, Vessel Deck and Extendable Blade trailers

Our flat decks, flatbeds, roll tight equipment and other specialized trailers are paired with a tailored solution to match your precise requirements.

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Flatbed trucks Roll-tites   Heavy Haul Oversized
  • Lightweight Multiple configurations
  • Step decks Multi-dimensional (48-53 feet flexibility)
  • Side load, rear load, or top load
  • Stepdeck Rolltites
  • Double Drop Rolltites
  • 48-53 feet length
  • Extendable Double Drops up to 13 axle
  • In excess of 85 ton
  • Vessel decks to 65 ft.
  • Specializing in unique shaped shipments including wide load and over dimensional load
  • From mini decks to large vessels
  • Perimeter decks up to 80 feet by 16 feet wide
Energy Trailer
  • Flatbed Trucks & Step Decks
  • Extendable Blade
  • Schnable Dolley
  • Double Schnable


  • 48’ and 53’ aluminum tandem flat beds (46,000 lb capacity)
  • 48’ and 53’ tandem step decks (45,000 lb capacity)
  • 48’ and 53’ tandem flats with slider kits-rolltites (45,000 lb capacity)
  • 48’ and 53’ tandem step decks with slider kits (45,000 lb capacity)
  • 48’ tridem step decks -some with slider kit (62,000 lb capacity)
  • 48’ Michigan spread flats -some equipped with sliders (92,000 lb capacity)
  • RGN’s (Removable Goose Neck) tandem, tridem and multi-axles
  • Machinery double drops
  • 48’ Double drop with slider kit
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