Challenger is one of the 2018 Best Fleets to Drive For

Another great accomplishment for Challenger: a prestigious recognition shared by only 20 successful fleets in North America, showcasing that they among the best workplaces for professional drivers.

The “2018 Best Fleets to Drive For” have been announced by The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and CarriersEdge and for the third year in a row, based on the support of our drivers, Challenger ranks with the best!

Steve Newton, Director of Safety at Challenger led his internal team through the extensive work of the questionnaire and interview portions of the process, but he had this to say: “For Challenger, the driver participation is the key factor in the whole process. When word got out that the program was open for nominations, Challenger’s first nomination was announced within ten minutes. The driver surveys give a true picture of how our drivers, both company drivers and owner/operators, feel about the company they work for. By their measurements, Challenger is one of the best trucking companies not only in Canada, but in North America. Their satisfaction is reflected in the excellent work that they do.

“We are very proud to be named one of the “Best Fleets to Drive For”, as it is representative to all the hard work being done over the past few years by our drivers, and internal staff.   This will be the third year in a row in which we have won this prestigious award, in addition to being named “Fleet to Watch” in 2015.”

This program identifies and recognizes for-hire trucking companies from the United States and Canada that operate 10 or more trucks, and rates them based on information collected. The fleets that score the highest overall ratings are named Best Fleets for the year. With only 4 of the top 20 carriers being Canadian trucking companies, it is truly an elite group that Challenger is proud to be a part of.

The selection process begins with a nomination by a company driver or an owner-operator, followed by a questionnaire that is completed by a company representative. The questionnaire provides details on their company’s programs and policies. Next, CarriersEdge conducts an interview to review and add details. The final phase consists of driver surveys which provide feedback on company programs and overall driver satisfaction. Once the questionnaire, interview and driver survey phases have been completed, fleets that qualify advance to the final round in which scores are assigned for the depth of the programs the companies offer, their driver satisfaction levels, driver retention and safety performance. The 20 fleets with the best overall scores are named Best Fleets for the year.

Included in the criteria that is evaluated are: total compensation packages, health benefits, best practices, professional development opportunities, and career advancement opportunities amongst other things. As quoted in, co-founder of CarriersEdge, Jane Jazrawy had this to say, “Creative new programs from the Top 20 companies received high marks from drivers. The average satisfaction level among the Top 20 companies was over 90%, and the average turnover among these companies was under 40%.”

In an interview for TruckNews, TCA president, John Lyboldt had this to say about the Best Fleets program: “It’s not easy to be named one of the Best Fleets to Drive For. It simultaneously requires commitment to an individual carrier’s operations and a vision for the future of the industry as a whole. Congratulations to all of the winners for this immense achievement.”

Two terms that consistently come up when you hear the name of Challenger’s Chairman and CEO, Dan Einwechter, are commitment and vision. Since establishing the foundation for his fledgling trucking company in 1975 it has been with these two traits, commitment and vision, that Dan has grown his single-truck company into what it is today: one of Canada’s largest privately owned fleets holding a designation with the top 20 fleets in North America.

TruckNews quotes from this article: “CarriersEdge, TCA reveal 2018 Best Fleets to Drive For”

Karen Cardillo