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You’ve been introduced to the First Class Driving Experience that only Challenger can offer. Now it’s time to start getting into the details, and what better place to start than with our new First Class Driver Pay Packages?

Challenger has always worked hard to be the carrier of choice for the best AZ drivers and owner operators in the business. Ensuring that our fleets consist of upgraded late model vehicles, providing 24/7 support for our drivers and doing everything we can to support your lifestyle are just a few of the things that create a First Class Driving Experience, and I will get into those in future blogs.  But one of the first questions people ask when considering a new career or a change in employer is “What is the pay?” Recently the management team at Challenger was thrilled to announce our new First Class Driver Pay Package, taking our pay structure from one that was competitive, to one that is leading in the industry. Now, every driver, whether you are just starting in this career or if you have experience, has a reason to contact the Challenger recruiting team!

When it was announced that the increases were coming, Dan Einwechter, Chairman & CEO, released a message to drivers and owner operators in which he said, “In recent driver surveys we scored high on many fronts, but compensation was an issue being raised. Well, we heard you. Your time is valuable and I am confident that you will be pleased by what is being rolled out.”

Changes in the transportation industry presented the opportunity for Challenger to really push forward with this driver recognition program. Members of our Recruiting Team, Human Resources, Business Unit Leads and Senior Leadership joined forces to develop our exciting new Pay Package. Changes to the package include mileage, events and drivers time, resulting in an average pay increase of twelve percent. The Challenger pay package also includes many other perks, amongst them are benefits (from day one for experienced drivers) such as life insurance, dental, extended health and disability insurance. Our drivers are also eligible to receive safety and referral bonuses, corporate discounts and they have access to an Employee and Family Assistance Plan as well as an Active Wellness program through Healthy Trucker. Geoff Topping, Vice President, Human Resources said that the package has been very well received by Challenger drivers, “The comments from our drivers have been extremely positive. The men and women that go the distance for Challenger are giving us great reviews and that continues to draw new drivers to our first class company.” We want to continue to be the carrier of choice and our new pay structure is proof of our commitment to the industry and to our drivers.

There are so many ways that Challenger is leading in the transportation industry and our First Class Driving Experience program is at the for-front. In Dan Einwechter’s words, “For far too long the transportation industry has been underappreciated. This is our time, let’s charge forward and claim the respect and compensation that is deserved.”

For information and details on joining the Challenger driving team and becoming an integral part of a First Class company, please contact our Recruiting team at 1-800-334-5142 or email them at

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