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15Jun, 2017

Celebrating the 2016 Safe Driving Awards

As a premier Canadian trucking company, Challenger is proud to celebrate the skill and expertise of our quality drivers. We invest time and resources into hiring, training and continually assessing our professional drivers.  When the trucks hit the road, it’s our drivers’ abilities and quick thinking that ensure safety on our roadways. That’s why we annually recognize them in their [...]

8Jun, 2017

Trucks for Change: Cram a Cruiser Event

Challenger Driver Sarabjit Birk helps with the Cram-a-Cruiser event. Trucks for Change and Cram a Cruiser The team at Challenger Motor Freight often steps up to help meet the needs of people in our local communities. A recent example of this was our participation in an event organized by Trucks For Change. The premise [...]

30May, 2017

Debunking Myths About Truck Drivers

Debunking Myths About Truck Drivers What the world often gets wrong about the Trucking Industry Many people have a negative preconceived notion of truck drivers and/or truck driving jobs as a profession. As in most professions, there are a few bad apples, but don’t let that define the bunch.  If you are considering a career [...]

7Feb, 2017

Easy Winter Emergency Kit

Whether you’re driving in a commercial truck or personal vehicle, are you ready for a BIG winter storm? Every winter there seems to be a massive storm, that catches us all by surprise, closing highways and leaving motorists stranded. Many of us have some supplies in our vehicles such as booster cables and windshield washer fluid, but what about the necessities [...]

30Jan, 2017

ELOGs (ELDs), our Industry, and You.

Whether you’re a driver or a dispatcher in the industry, these days the buzz in trucking is focused on ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) or the “ELOGs” as most drivers refer to them. The due date for U.S. and Canadian drivers to be compliant to using them is fast approaching: December 18, 2017. On this day, U.S. and Canadian companies [...]

19Jan, 2017

Friends that Care Project at Challenger

Challenger has many caring individuals among its teams, and this past Holiday Season showcased many great Challenger people going the distance for others in our community. In addition to numerous other initiatives, Challenger’s people supported Shiloh Schmidt from Health and Safety, who held the 4th Annual Friends that Care Shelter Project. Shiloh, along with a couple of her friends, founded [...]