24Jun, 2016

Hanging on the Edge

Challenger Leadership Members Rappel for Charity. Last week, Challenger’s very own Lynda Crickmore (Vice President of Operations) and Geoff Topping (Senior Director of Human Resources) participated in Make-A-Wish Foundation’s event Rope for Hope. What is Rope for Hope, you ask? “Rope-for-Hope… is a unique challenge event that calls on participants to fundraise in support of local wish-granting efforts, in [...]

10May, 2016

Film Crew Visit

Recollecting when Challenger's Head Office was visited by a Film Crew I started  with Challenger in the Sales and Marketing department last spring, almost a year ago, and I have seen a lot of great changes to the company since arriving. One of the bigger changes was that Challenger dedicated itself on bringing a fresher look to [...]

25Apr, 2016

“Old” Frontiers of Transportation

“Old” Frontiers of Transportation We’re looking back… way back. Transportation Development in North America during the 19th Century Our society is reliant upon transportation networks to facilitate growth and stability. And getting goods around the world is faster than ever! We live in an amazing time of near-immediacy and instant gratification, and when we expediently ship things, we measure its arrival in days, if not hours. At Challenger, we are proud of our abilities to quickly and efficiently ship our customers’ goods around the continent and the globe with over forty years of experience within the transportation industry. A long time ago, these same shipments would be calculated in terms of weeks, if not months. When we actually look at the origins of transportation networks and technologies in North America, it is fascinating to see just how far things have been able to come. During a time long before Challenger (predating the trucking industry entirely), around the year 1800 or so, the Western Frontier was still a mystery and transportation was a slow, disjointed enterprise that took exponentially longer than today’s efficient methods. […]

9Mar, 2016

Kids’ Photo Shoot at Challenger

Young Recruits at Challenger Last month, Challenger welcomed some shorter recruits to our yard as part of our cutest photo shoot this year. These children of Challenger employees braved the cold, and were eager to sit behind the wheel of their first big rig. It was plain to see that some of these kids felt like natural drivers, and [...]

8Mar, 2016

The Key to Dealing with Objections

HOW TO STAY OUT OF THE DOGHOUSE AT WORK AND AT HOME Whether you’re a sales person talking to a potential customer, a customer service representative dealing with an irate account or a truck driver dealing with a disgruntled Ops Manager, the simple fact is that at some point in time ALL of us are bound to have [...]

8Jan, 2016

Challenger’s Geoff Topping will lead TTSAO Carrier Group

TTSAO Announcement: The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) Board of Directors has announced the official launch of the TTSAO Carrier Group. The mandate of the TTSAO Carrier Group is to support the TTSAO in all efforts that will improve education and recruitment and retention for entry level and existing Professional Drivers. The TTSAO Carrier Group will work with [...]