Elgin Motor Freight

Ontario Regional Transportation via Challenger

Elgin Motor Freight, a regional division of Challenger Motor Freight, is focused on providing exceptional service at competitive rates. Rely on the individual care and attention of a smaller, customer driven organization, while having the support and technology that being part of the Challenger Group of Companies provides.

At Elgin…we’ll be there for you!

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Let our conveniently placed drivers get your shipment moving. We reliably service the regional areas of Southwestern Ontario and the Great Lake states.
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Our consistent placement in high traffic areas means your freight can get picked up and delivered faster. Full truckload(FTL) shipments are usually on route as soon as the request is received.

The convenience of our regional services provided by Elgin Motor Freight can be applied to the following services:

Maintaining a tight regional division allows our drivers to transport your freight without having to shut down due to extended driving periods thus delivering your shipment from origin to destination, non-stop.

Regular Service Area

Regional Transportation Service Area


1. Ontario 2. Quebec 3. New York 4. Michigan 5. Wisconsin
6. Illinois 7. Indiana 8. Ohio 9. Kentucky 10. Tennessee
11. West Virginia 12. Pennsylvania 13. Maryland 14. Virginia 15. North Carolina
16. South Carolina

The shaded sections of the map are our primary service areas. We routinely offer service to all other areas. Please contact Customer Service for any specific requirements. Team service is available to most points in central and western Canada and the US.